Saturday, April 19, 2003

gee if not for my doc 'd prolly be sent to ttsh thank God he saved my life! hurray i love him. =) and i thank my runny nose too heh. oh man this sounds so sick but still ... hmm ...
*just thot of favian for a split second* what the hell.
anyway this hasn't been the nicest day ever i guess. was at the doc's and had to ignore the incessant phonecalls. damnit, don't u realise my blardy fone's dead and in heaven enjoying a life free of abuse? and that my mama refuses to let me get a new fone and papa's all for it. but don't worry, i'll find a way out. =) only ian had the decency to ask me how i was. i mean, who else gave a damn? when ws called me the first thing he asked was "what abt terese's present?" i mean, i know it's really important. but, can't u spare a thot for my feelings? i'm ill like nobody's business and u can't expect me to drag myself out of the house to get her something right? i had such a high fever the night before, spent the entire morning wondering if i was down with sars and worrying my ass off. i don't deserve that, i'm sure i don't. i'm sorry terese, i'm really ill. i tink u'll prolly get a belated present. and i mean, even if he really detested shopping that much he shld at least do it cos i'm ill. i guess u ought to have the decency to care for a friend? i simply can't take it if he plain pushes all the shopping to me even when i'm ill. i'm busy but he's got nothing to do at all. can't he spare a thought? i mean, i've got to mug for sat as well. freak. i'm actually annoyed over this. =X
my darling 8250 fell to its death. haha i havent arranged for a burial yet. i'm looking for a replacement. i wished i felt sad. sighx.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

oh manx i feel so blardy awful i'm ill lyk nobody's buz. =/ i've got all the symptoms of sars except fever cos my body temp's lower than average. what a loser rite. i hate having sore throat cos i can't slp with an irritated throat. now i'm more disgusted with my throat than anything else and it's sick. =/ so horrid so horrid! i was looking forward to a nice gd friday eve and a nice gd friday but now i'm ill so i can't do ath else. for starts i cant even stay online for long. oh great, hohoho gd for u shihui. cos u suck.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

lol am i really that bad? tell me if i'm really as awful as that mentioned. didn't wanna post this but i thot the girl was kinda cute so ... hahah. oh wells. if i were really like that guess i must change. but i swear i'm really quite faithful ... yeah, really.
You Suck ^-^
-Bad- You're the exact opposite of what any guy
wants or needs, unless he happens to need a
quick lay. You're cruel. You toy with people.
You're probably a bitch, and i don't think i'd
like you if i met you. Oh go screw a random
male already.

haha i actually skipped CIC today so i could have some personal time. what a pathetic life right lol. but i prefer this... rather than rotting and wasting time having some damned meeting which doesn concern me at all? oh yea meeting aaron and sam for lunch tmr - something to look forward to other than NOT having those stressful tutorials cos i just can't be bothered to do them. hehe.
i guess it's only during times of need then u realise who your true frens are, those who would actually help you. =) thank you enqi, thank you *muah* i really appreciated your help tho i only knew abt it yesterday, which is lyk, more than 1 mth after that but i'm stll very grateful to you, helping me out with stuff. tho he was kinda unresponsive but i guess ... i still love u for *trying trying trying*. and terese too, u actually helped me and stuff ... sighs. to hell with guys, girls rock~ hahah.
oh yea, i think i'm gonna buy the sisters book. =) my gawd u know abigail is a transvestite!! oh actually i dunno the difference between transexuals and transvestites. haha i'll check it out from sgboys or fridae i guess. my headache's killing me. God please save me ... i can't take it anymore. =X

//God is great, He gave me nice friends and a great bro. =)

Sunday, April 13, 2003

Freezer. You feel nothing and wish to feel nothing
so you find peace in the way you think,
however, your emotions are more nuetral than
balanced. Coldness and tolerance can be the
ways of a passive heart.

OMG i finally get to use this darn thing!!! =) oh man this calls for some rejoicing considering the fact that it has been down for the entire weekend. hmm, tons of stuff have happened this weekend and i actually do not knw where to start!~ oh no the stuff is down again. what the freakin hell's wrong with this man. *must control myself i can't swear cos i must be demure* -> wtf why am i restricting my freedom of language.
anyway i was lookin at the calendar and i realised i've had a month of singlehood. uhmx, to think abt it i some kinda miss ervin. i mean, yea, i still love him but wtf can i do? *oops i said the f word* i mean, if i could turn back time i guess i'll still put up with him and his stupid ways la. yeah i still think they're stupid lol but aerghhh i dunno. i guess we'd still be miserable and trying to make things work but perhaps things might work? i hate to think of "what-ifs" cos i'd feel darn depressed.
oh they're playing 'running' by no doubt on p10 now. i absolutely love that song i think it's so sweet. i remembered sending ervin the song but he kinda didn get the hint la, so there. he doesn get my hints all the time! hahah he's still the same i guess. sighs. i really hate thinking abt the past. i mean, i'm SURE i've gotten over it. then again, i dunno la. all stupid favian's fault. all his fault he made me feel guilty!! psst but i still think he's cute. wth jux because he reminds me totally of koba? i mean, it's reali totally totally! and koba lyks girls older than him as well~ what a blardy coincidence i wished never happened. then my life with ervin wldn be disrupted. but then again i prefer guys who would understand me.
leo's so nice to me. i mean, she's really nice and caring and she fits every aspect of my ideal. hahah it's really tough to find someone who's ur ideal rite? =P tho she aint that gd looking and perhaps she's a girl. so u see, i've reached the conclusion that u do not nec have to like your ideal. cos i really tried to like her and i really didn't. i guess i just enjoy her company that's all? and it doesn't help when i think she thinks i lyk her. cos i really don't and i really don't intend to fall for girls. not the time yet i guess. i mean, some guys are disgusting but i guess if i wait long and hard enough i'll really find someone better than ervin.
was talking to terese that day and realised i lyk guys who make me feel special. lyk a shy guy who blushes when he sees me *so cute* or a super attitude guy who goes all soft when he sees me *like favian*. hahah i like that kinda feeling i think it's soooo sweet! hahah i just hope my books will feel the same way for me too. =)
i thot abt stuff over the weekend and kor's really nice to me. lol tho he commented that i'm quite hardcare and i don't mean sex. but the bottom line is that i still want a happy life without much worries. i can't understand why pp wld study so hard to get their hair white and stuff cos i think it aint worth the trouble. guess i'm still vain and stuff and studies don't exactly matter *that* much anymore. sucks, i wished i were a nerd. hahah