Saturday, May 10, 2003

Controlled substances and altered states of consciousness are your thing. You'll try anything once, and most things twice. Society may look down on you, and you may get arrested every now and then, but this really wouldn't be a problem if they government would just get a clue and legalize everything, dammit!

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Friday, May 09, 2003

horrid day horrid day. at least someone managed to cheer me up when i was down. =) i thank you for this.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

aerghh i'm pissed but i shan't swear. mandy actually anounced in the toilet that i was crooked. oh man, i'm not! i'm perfectly straight and i love guys. it doesn't mean that i've been meeting leona more than regularly means we're together or i'm having an affair with her right. i mean, even if i were crooked doesn't mean u've gotta tell the whole world cos that isn't meant to be. practice discretion!
anyway i'm waiting for someone to get online. that sucks i hate to be feeling this way.
quite happy with my math grade though many people did well, some did badly too.
sprained my ankle again. the sinseh almost killed me. i was awfully tickled and in pain. i didn't know what to do. i jux grimaced.
handover today. i'll miss the PA room ... i spent half my jc life there. well, complaining but happy i guess. =/

// life's great, but my halter's still at surfbabe.

Monday, May 05, 2003

gee i think i jux broke someone's lil heart. i'm not sure but he sure is pissed with me. i'm jux feeling kinda bad that i didn't realise in time and that i was blur enough to continue and perhaps lead him on in a sense tho i swear i never once had the intention. well, y'know i do flirt but only with the selected few.
sighs, why do guys like girls who wldn't like them and girls that guys who detest them? sheesh, ask 9. he's a silent buaya.
i can't take it anymore why does everything remind me of that aerghhh. anyway i'm giving myself a 1/2 day off from sch cos i ain't going sc investiture. it's not only the sleep la, i mean, well, u get what i mean right. thought it was quite blatant. i'm not going to think cos i can't be bothered to think and there's much better stuff to brood over. =) i'm just trying to get started on my work and indirectly stressing myself out. i flare up so easily now and then, i jux ignore pp cos i feel like ignoring them and i do horrid stuff due to stress. wellx, at least i'm not piercing my ears anymore. and i wldn't wanna get myself drunk cos it's bad for the brain. i think my brain's the only asset man. look at me - there's nth great abt my existence.
told my mummy abt my kwek and she thinks he's psycho. i think he's a schrizopreniac and he's becoming a monster to eat us all up. aerghhh ... run for ur lives! *what the hell*

// haven't swore much i think. keep it up shihui. you rock! =)