Thursday, May 15, 2003

i jux opened my 2nd ear hole ... well ... again. it's bleeding lyk crazy now and i hope it wun be infected.
never felt so great for a while.
thot the world was quite screwed then i cldn't take it anymore.
heh, now i'm all ready to mug for bio. =)

// ahh .. the wonders of pain

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

oh man i'm feeling faint from the sudden influx of info.
why does my mum have red and peeling palms? i wonder ...
sighx, i'll tell her when i become a doc.
was feeling real inquisitive and peeked at someone's blog.
brought back some memories - wldn't consider em great by any extent.
not when the people mentioned WERE pp i hung out with, well, if u get what i mean.
oh pu-lease... i'm trying to lead a darn NORMAL life stop haunting me!
i feel so fucked up now.
fuck the horrid 2.4 run which i ran lyk a chicken
fuck the physics lecture test which i didn't even know how to use a calculator
fuck it i never got to pierce my ear
fuck it i got reminded of this. *pLs rock hehe*
oh, and fuck it HE's not here anymore.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

ooh my maid tried to kill me again.
first she tried to starve me by depriving me of food and cooking (no pun intended) up silly excuses to cover her ass.
then she blamed me for listening to some melayu songs over the radio. *oh come on, get a life*
and now she's trying to dehydrate me. the supposed soup instant mee was only half a bowl full. oh man.