Saturday, May 31, 2003

hmm got back a pretty long while ago ...
esplanade's great, i still love the ambience there and the library rocks:)
but i cldn't get my scores and got kitaro dvds instead.
and my lousy com can't exactly work due to some perpetual error or another.
ah but it was nice today:) i was actually HAPPY.
haven't felt happy for a long time, thot life was quite bad.
then i guess not, cos i'm really happy.
i'm not sure if it's the company or the things we did that left an impression.
but the thot of slacking enjoyably was great:)
watched bruce almighty and thot it was kinda cheap funny humour that only i would appreciate.
i jux can't seem to work my brains and i enjoy blatant muses.
hahah and was i really from mensa? i wonder ... my brains melted lyk the whale's or something?
hmm anyway managed to eat the candy floss i've been craving for so i'm really glad we went out
and i'm really glad i never wore my 2 inch flops or it'd haf been disastrous hahah.
ate chocolate coated strawberries and gave him 2.
he commented that it was sweet + sweet. ah, i wished i didn't feel ath i guess.
but i can't help it? neither can i imagine myself getting close to a guy!
what if he needs a mum more than a gf? i don't want a repeat of that immature possessive shmuck.
i rather go to my pals for help ...
realised i've gotten closer to my frens again after the breakup. kinda gd thing i guess, at least i'm communicating more with my pals.
and seriously i doubt guys are ever interested in girls' lives.
sorry if i was making an over generalisation.
life is good.. and fullstop:)

Friday, May 30, 2003

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You are Brian Molko!

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jux got back from saturday lects and thot i *missed* my com.
then again, i guess not. i love my bed. :)
woohoo~ going out later. how long has it been, able to go out from home.
i mean, my mama's finally letting me go!
feeling a tad confused abt the outing later tho ... i really duno if that's the right thing to do.
oh sighs. what's done is done. isn't it?

Thursday, May 29, 2003

oh man is life bad or bad?
i mean, it has been emotionally tolerable i guess. no more compulsions to pierce, or desire NOT to wake.
ah but it has been physically damning.
giddiness for 4 days, headache for 3 days, cramps for 2 days ... tink i'm gonna die
i keep waking up - if i ever sleep at all, tinking i'd never get past this week.
this physical torture stinks, but i guess it's better than feeling down and out rite?
screw college board, they suck.
and what abt my resolution to be a saint and cut out all these expletives. gone with the wind i guess?
feeling kinda bad but yizhuan has been getting on my nerves.
tho i felt it's time i get my due revenge for being all so disrespectful towards girls.
and pretending to know ALL abt sex when he has got no darn experience and i'm SURE i know more than him.
at least i've heard more stories and not those fictatious tales guys weave to attain satisfaction.
they sure do suck man.
and if he proposes something lewd lyk sex i'll ask him to haf an orgy with his mum - without fail.
see how long he can last, or he can gif his dad a blow job to achieve better complexion in that case.
ah well, can sense that i'm not in the best of all moods.
screw the pain, argh, i wanna die =x
pesky guys suck to the core as well :)
i lead an interesting life but i'm sorry i'm not appreciative of this and neither do i derive pleasure from it.
i just hate guys who bug me.
tis' not as if i'm that charming or sorts. can't they just leave me alone to lead my life?
okay, guess this applies to all except HIM.
gave it some thought but my verdict remains. confused. hahah.
can't help but i tink i truly suck. oh God please save me from self-destruction!
`terese ...:) read ur blog eh, hope u're feeling fine. i'm darn bad at making pp feel better, especially when i'm having pms. u don't mind ya? *hugx* things will be fine. we're jux on an unlucky streak, oh well, at least we got it early so we wldn't die when the real exams come. all righty babe? :)

// ahh.. u always need someone there for you when u're down and out.

Monday, May 26, 2003

oooh haven't been blogging for a damned long time.
and seriously i feel lyk closing this blog cos i tink it stinks ...
don't you tink this doesn't provide any aesthetic pleasure?
life's changed, and i don't see the need to blog anymore.
mrs lim kinda screwed jux now. all 18 of us oh man.
well, or so should i say only 9 in the class passed that darn paper.
and she kept picking on me.
"shihui, even u're here" -> u mean i can't fail?
lyk i actually do care. ar well.
i closed my blog dearies, tinkin of closing this too. sighx.