Thursday, June 12, 2003

met terese and grace after tuition today at mp library and i think it's really dominated by vj peeps haha.
well, we were SUPPOSED to meet at 9.30 am but everyone was home by that time.
sounds cheesey but well, 3 little pigs. haha *laughs at my stupid joke*
did some studying ... ate at starbucks as well! :)
i lyk the hot cocoa yummy yummy! and terese made use of her cardless atm for the first time.
came home and got screwed by mummy as usual.
she made some hurting comments but i guess i'm used to them?
i don't know, jux feeling jaded.
i jux wish i could hibernate somewhere cold so i can drink cocoa everyday.
hmm i rejected all phonecalls today so i could talk to him for a longer while..
but i got scolded by mummy ultimately. ah sigh.
i wished i could talk more. at least i feel ... hmm ... gd? :)
best thing that happened to me today. uh, besides terese, grace and starbucks. :)
*hahah i wun be 'jian se wang you' or u guys gonna kill me*
i *think* i'll be meeting him on saturday to get pop's day pressie.
he was like "would grace or anyone be going?"
i started laughing cos i thought it was a really cute question.
but grace has band. so there. pt taken? i'm keeping mum.
it has been a horrible week peppered with family squabbles.
and i don't seem to know what to get for pop.
aerghhh someone grab me and take me away!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

ooh tink i kinda screwed this up and i wonder from where can i pick up this mess hahah.
i feeeel lyk giving up eh =/
don't feel lyk blogging ...
worried for mummy cos i tink she's got some inherent psychotic disorder.
and im not sure if i can help